Declaration of small and medium-sized enterprises on nature in the European Union

"We are worried about the Commission's plans to change the nature laws in the EU. Our good business relies on good nature protection, including nature protected by EU law. Stable, effective and predictable legislation is important for us"

This declaration is signed by 312 Small and Medium-sized Enterprises from a wide variety of sectors. SMEs (enterprises with up to 250 people and a turnover of less than EUR 50 million) are an important part of the EU economy. SMEs are of vital importance to rural areas creating jobs and income in areas where employment and investors are often difficult to find.


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01.08 - 15.09 

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Porte ouverte dans la réserve naturelle Schlammwiss

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Séjour Rando Escapardenne 2017

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Ausbildungsbaustelle Trockenmauern in Canach


Filmvorführung: Wenn ein Garten wächst (mit anschließender Diskussion)

30.09 - 01.10 

EuroBirdwatch 2017



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